Phoenix Splash


''An Anthem for our age... Sadie Jemmett speaks volumes with her defiant brand of protest songs'' - Sunday Express Magazine

'An anthem for survivors' - CBS News

'A defiant rallying cry ... Not for nothing is the record called Phoenix' - The National

'Every song's a classic - a terrific piece of work' - Record Collector

'Quivering and windswept ... like the phoenix of the title, Sadie Jemmett is rising above' - FATEA Magazine

'A hit!'' - The Sun

''Singer-songwriter, musician and activist Sadie Jemmett packs a potent punch with some powerful themes and her powerful voice on the new album 'Phoenix', a soulful and soul-searching tour-de-force, effortlessly oozing with empathy for the downtrodden and crackling with a caustic and creative anger aimed towards the current crop of morally bankrupt global power-mongers' - Dexter Bentley, Resonance FM

'The album, with its wide range of subject matters and topics, showcases Sadie’s dexterity as a musician and a lyricist' -Music News

'Superb' -Roots Collective Radio Station

'Not only a great songwriter but a great singer too' - Vents Magazine

Link to lyrics, check them out!

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Two Up, Two Down (Circle version)
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